Reasons why she would be nervous to kiss me?

I've ruled out inexperience because I know she has past boyfriends, though they all could be fat and ugly for all I know and she's nervous to kiss a hot guy ;)

I've tried kissing her in the park at night (date 2), not too many people around and we were cuddling and holding each other, she dodged my face and just held me tight instead.

Then she went and did the same thing again when I was walking her to the metro (date 3), gave me a tight hug as I leaned in and said goodbye.

What makes me think she's nervous to do it is that when we cuddle her hands get really cold and she doesn't look at me much, so she's obviously uncomfortable even though at the same time she wants to because she wants to keep seeing me and thinks I'm attractive.

So if she gets uncomfortable at cuddling, the thought of kissing must make her very anxious.

So what could be the reasons an otherwise experienced, somewhat confident girl could have in kissing someone?


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  • my first boyfriend was fat and ugly, and I didn't really like him. but we dated for six months and I only kissed him twice. so when I got my second boyfriend, even though I had had one for 6 months, I had pretty much no experience and was super nervous about kissing him even though I really wanted to

  • i get very nervous if I like someone a lot


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