Is 25 still young?

I am turning 25 today and I am sort of very nervous, I enjoy being single and watching my anime, doing my art, being overall happy as I am attached to my young like self. This might sound weird but I sometimes play with some of my old toys not like often but here and there. That might sound a little weird not sure. I am not really ready to be a full-grown adult. I am afraid to become older, I feel like there are so many expectations, milestones and experiences you're supposed to have as soon as you hit the age of 20. I have made a lot of mistakes, choices, and accomplishments. I have two degrees I want to get married but I dont want to right away but I feel like its a societal expectation and if I dont I feel like ok, I missed out? I don't know am I still young?
Is 25 still young?
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