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Never had sex or dated before. What should I do?

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Im a 18 year old hispanic (male) and I've never dated anyone or had sex before. The reason for this started at 16 during HS when a couple of girls would first ask me out ever for the first time but I would just slowly pushed them away socially. After that I just kept do the same thing to every other girl who would ask me out and Im sure as hell ain't gay. Its just the thought of getting into those types of relations with women just gives me extreme anxiety. I don't know how to talk to women, I don't know what they like, I don't know what they hate, I don't know how I should act in their presence, I wouldn't know how to engage with them sexually, I just don't know. I mean at this point it really doesn't bother me anymore if im gonna be alone till death as a virgin an I know their ain't nothing wrong with that, but I really just lust for women now instead of love them and don't really want a relationship, though the only thing holding me back still is just my anxiety but how can I overcome this and date to love women as beings and not objects?

So I ask you guys and girls what should I do about this? Because I feel like to me aleast this isn't normal.
Never had sex or dated before. What should I do?
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