Been dating this guy 3 months, he canceled our dates a few times?

he canceled our dates a few times and he's still on the dating site where we met. told him I lost interest because of the cancellations too many times. this was 3 days ago, I text him today and said he was surprised as to what I said to him previously, lost interest, and that he has met someone he is seeing now, I mean after 3 days. I need advise, I'm really missing him, is his ad being still up on the dating site still OK? while we were dating? and changing his pictures as well. I do have a lot of feelings for him and I regret being defensive. I am 49


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  • How much clearer do you want him to be? He said he's seeing someone else move on


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  • Sorry Hun,

    You need to move on. Ever hear of that book he's just not that into you? Well, he's not. And while that sucks and is not fun at any age, he's not worth your time. I am assuming the man you were dating was around your age, and he also sounds majorly insecure. You did the dirty work he was avoiding doing by telling him you lost interest. Which by the way was a savvy move, but you should have just let it go from there. If guys are really interested, they will pursue. But when you texted him again he just used what you said to distance himself.

    I know this is not what you are wanting to hear, but men are simple, and 9 times out of ten we women read way too much into their actions. If he cancels repeatedly, still has his profile up, and tells you he's seeing other people, he's out.

    Don't let yourself be played by this jerk anymore. Get back out there and find someone deserving of the love you can give. It never gets any easier, but the next great love of your life is out there somewhere. Just love yourself and let that love show and you will find him.

    Sorry again, especially if this sounds harsh, but believe me, you deserve so much more than a grown man that acts like a cowardice child.