Do you think it's odd to NOT want an extravagant first date?

I see a lot of questions on G@G with first date ideas, and some guys have REALLY elaborate plans that in theory sound like a romantic moment in a love novel or movie. Like taking midnight boat rides, wine in the park, fancy restaurants, etc, etc.

I don't know, for me, the thought of super extravagant first dates have always made me uncomfortable. I personally think it's more appropriate to plan those types of dates when you're actually together and have a solid foundation because if there's no chemistry at the end of the date, expectations could be shattered and feelings could be hurt.

As well, I just don't see it as necessary for someone I'm getting to know to be THAT over the top. I prefer things to be simple so we can focus on getting to know each other.

I'd also really like to avoid someone getting it in their head that they're owed for the amount of effort they exerted, despite the fact I never wanted nor expected it.

What do you guys and gals think? Would you plan a romance-movie-esque first date? Girls, would you want something like that from someone you're just getting to know?
Am I lame?
Am I lame?
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Fun fact: A guy tried to plan a first date for us which included a limo tour, champagne, and a midnight ride through the city. I flat out refused and suggested we just go out to eat, and he was shocked and claimed I "deserved better."

I never up going out with him because he was super heavy to showering with presents and was overly clingy. To me, it just seemed like he had me on a pedestal rather than viewing me as just as valuable as he is. Which is sad, because he was otherwise a good guy.
Do you think it's odd to NOT want an extravagant first date?
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