He is overseas till July and I just met him online - how to deal?

So I meet this guy on a dating web sit and we have been talking for about a two weeks now. He is in the military and he is over seas till July. We talk 1-2 times a day for a few hours at a time or some times all day. I have asked him all the basic question and some deep questions. Their are times he just Doesn't seem that into the conversion or me. He will just give me one word answers. Almost all the time he will start the conversion. What kind of questions should I ask him to get to know him better. He has given me his address over seas and said that I can send him anything I want to. We have had some sexual conversions and both of us really want to meet. He will send me kisses and winks trough yahoo chat and he will start a video chat almost every-time to. how can I tell if he just to be friends with benefits or if he wants more but with the distance he doesn't want to get close with out meeting me in person first . I know I like him so far and would like to see if their can be a relationship when he gets home. This is my first time at online dating and long distance thing. I just don't want to scar him off, come off desperate, or easy. I want to keep his interest so what can I do?


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  • just go through with it, he is overseas in a warzone? if so, it is a different world, people change and communication to the outside world could seem different to him. I'm currently in iraq and me and my girlfriend have a hard time, but reasurrance and communication is key. if he is starting the convos or video chat, that must mean he is into you. BUT you just met him, keep a look out for other guys as well, and when he gets home, see how things are. if its meant to be, things will work out, if not, well you have your whole life ahead of you!

    • you yes he is in the infantry in Afghanistan right now. I do talk to other guys online that are bit more local. I have sent him off line messages that let him know I am thinking about him and to stay safe and he tells me he likes that. I guess that I will just have to wait to meet him person to get a better idea about things till than I will continue to be open and honest with him. I try not to complain about what is going on with me knowing he is worse off than me.

    • with out knowing him before he went over it hard to have conversation. I try to have conversion about useless things to him just to try to get his mind off things over their for a bit. I told him I would send him some homemade muffins because he tells the food is gross. I guess that is all I can do for now I will just keep doing what I have been doing and see what happens.I am a very open honest person and I will tell people how I feel. I don't play head games. thank you for your and your service

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  • honey I'm overseas too and you can bet that he is just looking to exchange erotic talk and photos. He might be interested in a booty call but it won't be anything lasting. The dude probably has an uptight girlfriend at home that doesn't want to participate in photo exchange or dirty sexy talk on the phone. Honestly it is like Jackfest 2011 over here in the desert ! All anyone does is watch p*rn and jack off !

    • I love the honestly of this!


      Cheers to you!

      Support troups: send filthy pics :)

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  • I am currently in the same situation (but with out the sexual parts). Me and this guy met online, we really connected, and it turns out he is in the army and will be overseas for two years (he's been there 6 months already). We both really like each other and I don't know what to do. He's the sweetest guy and always tells me really cute things.