Do most you guys know if you're flirting or not? For guys mainly.

So this guy that I've been texting that has a girlfriend of 2 or 3 years flirts with me he's 2years older than me but still consider ourselves friends,and he calls me cute,sexy and told me he had a crush on me like a year ago, and we've been texting for 3 weeks straight now nonstop from morning to when we go to sleep..and he's super sweet and he's so curious as to what I do he's even stayed up with me over text till I finished hw at 1am..and I'm 16 he's 18 and he's nothing but sweet and texted me all throughout my cold too...and even admitted to flirting with me...and even worries about me when I tell him I'm going to drink...and recently he said he doesn't know when he's guys do you know when you're flirting? And what do you think about this situation?


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  • Some guys are pretty dumb when it comes to flirting. And they genuinely don't know when they've crossed the line from being merely friendly, into flirting territory.

    Once someone points out the line to them, they find flirting is a lot easier than they ever thought it was, and they never again do it by accident.

    He's 18, so it's quite possible he's that ignorant about it. If you don't want him to flirt with you, tell him nicely when he's stepped out of bounds. He'll get it in the end.

    On the other hand, if he refuses to stop, or if you don't want him to stop, then you have the other thing you want to know.


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  • i think he is being a bit of an idiot, he has a girlfriend, whilst that doesn't meant he can talk to other women it does mean they are all off limits.He might be all those amazing things you mention above but what he is doing is somewhat sleazy and wrong, he might get carried away and not know when he is flirting but then it is his prerogative to not let himself slip past the line between being friendly and being flirtatious. overall you must think about what he is actually doing which is being unfaithful to his girlfriend to a degree. agree? see where I am coming from?

    • Yes I do see..and thanks,we made it strictly clear that we are friends and that I respect his girlfriend and his current relationship but I'm thinking he does it as harmless flirting..idk and he does it anyways he says goodnight loves you..what should I do?

    • does it make you feel uncomfortable? knowing that if the roles were reversed between you and his girlfriend, it would be you who was not aware of his flirtatious actions with another woman? I can really relate as I am male but I think if it were me I would be put out by it, it would make me uneasy. you need to figure out how it affects you. if it has a negative impact on you, you need to tell him to stop and say why. when he gets too carried away you need to step in and say he is crosing the lin

    • That's what I was thinking today...and I wouldn't be OK with it if the roles were reversed and I'll tell him next time he starts to cross the line..

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  • girl how would you feel if he was your girlfriend and he was flirting with another girl messaging constantly day and night. I agree this guy isn't sweet. he could even be using you to make her jealous.

    id stop it now, I'm not trying to be mean, but if he has a girlfriend hasn't acted with you then he isn't keen

    cut your losses don't be a home wrecker!

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