Guy stopped calling /texting me often

A guy I've been talking to for 5 months has recently stopped calling and texting me as much as he used to. I never really called or texted first and he told me he didn't think I was interested in him. I cleared that up by telling him I was interested in him. He has recently moved to a new apartment and been stressed out. I'm not sure if I should start texting him/calling him more often, or if I should just give him space and wait until he calls me... Help!


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  • Personally, I would initiate a call/text.

    I mean, if you want to play that part of never texting/calling/taking the initiative, fine.

    But, it's been 5 months, I think you can put in a little more effort.

    And, you never know, he may have grown tired of doing *all* the work.