What's the next step!?

So I'm in a situation where I met a girl this weekend we really hit it off I got her number and I even ended up sleeping in her bed one night (we didn't really do anything just cuddled). Anyways she's really cool and I would love to keep moving forward with this. I just always screw up at the next part... lol what's next and how do I go about it... do I ask her on a date, just hang out... kinda lost on the next step. what do you think is next?


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  • youre thinking way too much at this point in the game...youre the guy, you take control, you put yourself out there...basically you're going to be the one to ask her out on a date...dont call it a date tho, sometimes girls get scared of that word...especially if its so soon...

    my suggestion would be to stay at the pace your at...TAKE IT SLOW! it was the turtle who won the race, NOT the rabbit...thats key in keeping this thing going

    you don't want to see needy or clingy, just keep flirting and keep it to weekends right now...UNLESS she wants to do something during the week...for example: you two hang out on Friday night...great...saturday around dinner time (5 or 6) say hey I had fun last night, hope you did too...she'll reply and then leave it at that...unless she indicates somehow that she wants to keep the convo going or asks what you are doing that night...

    then throughout the week I'd just sit back and chill...dont text her all the time or call her all the time...maybe text hermid week and tell her something funny that happened to you, something simple...nothing like I really miss you I wanna see you, that'll just throw your manhood out the window

    so then Thursday night you can say something like "what are you up to this weekend?" and she'll say "i dunno, nothing yet how about you?" then you can say "not sure either, just saw this new coffee place opened up, thought I may stop by, care to join?" this way you're leaving the option up to her and its coffee...which means ITS NOT A DATE, well it is, but it isn't...feel me?

    coffee means usually under 30 minutes, that will keep it so you have stuff to talk about, but there aren't going to be any mind blanks or conversation blanks throughout the visit...this will also leave you both talking about stuff but will leave a window open for her wanting to learn more about you...thus leaving the next step for lunch...a little bit longer but still shorter...dinner is the kind of thing you don't want ot set up until you both are really interested and comfortable enough to be goofy and talk about whatever in front of one another...dont jump that gun too quick - rem you want to be the turtle here...

    if there isn't a new place opened then say well I haven't been to (local coffee shop -or a sandwhich shop) in a while and the food (or some type of signature drink the place carries) is really good and I've been craving it, wanna come?...

    just make sur eyou leave the option open to her, don't make her feel like she has to make a decision right away or have her feel pressured to say yes...just play it cool and be yoruself, it'll all fall into place

    hope this helps, let me know how it goes if you want, id love to hear...

    or just message me if you need some more advice, good luck buddy...be the turltle! not the rabbit!


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  • Well ask her if she's interested.


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  • yea I wouldn't try to over complicate it like the dude said, I've been prone to mess up the next step as well, you are probably trying to concoct some foolproof scheme to ensure that everything will . work out in your favor when really that's just setting you up for certain failure, simpler the better at this stage of the game , you already got her to show interest that was the tough part, so my advice would be yea go ahead just ask her out on date , why not right now

  • Ask her out on another date.