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Does it seem like I'm falling for this guy, or just a musician thing?

As a musician, sometimes I get confused about whether I'm attracted to someone romantically/sexually or if they simply inspire me and/or infatuate me musically. It's hard to explain. It's happened to me many times before and now again: I can't stop thinking about my dance acquaintance.

As a dancer, I like to have a good lead, so it's attractive to me when a guy can lead well. And I like it when they're sexy when they dance. But, I don't know if that's an attraction I have toward the person or toward the art of dancing, or, perhaps, both.

It's not like I only fall for musicians. I've fallen for others with other talents and passions.

I like a guy who has a talent/passion and is good at what he does. So maybe I am really falling for this guy. I don't know.

I don't find him particularly attractive and I honestly don't know much about him except that he's a dancer/dance teacher who's good at leading (in dance).

But when he talks to me he always calls me "senorita" with his latin charms and when he texts me I feel butterflies. I love latin music and dance, so I'm thinking maybe that's the only reason... Maybe...

Last night, he, our dance crew and I attended his goodbye party (he's leaving the US), and I just wanted to dance with him the whole time and would feel jealous when he'd dance with all the other girls there.

He's leaving the country, and I've been really upset about it. At first I truly believed it was just because we have good chemistry when we dance and also because I generally get attached to the people in my life, but after last night I'm not sure if that's all it is...

It doesn't help how he told me I looked "amazing" or "sexy" when I sent him videos of us dancing last night.

Tell me this just seems like a musician thing and nothing real.
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Does it seem like I'm falling for this guy, or just a musician thing?
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