What does kissing feel like?

People, such as my friends, talk about it like it's so amazing. I looks kinda gross to me, but I've always wondered what it felt like

I see couple at school do it all the time. Can you describe it to me so I can get a good idea of what it's like?


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  • well I had the same question when I was like 13 I googled ways to kiss to be prepared ahaha

    when it finally happened my first time was horrible I was forced to do it because it was a game and I was not ready at all I was so nervous I completely unenjoyed it .. it felt so gross

    but... it isn't bad at all then at my second try I was much more calm I liked the guy he wasn't pushy I was just ready

    it feels like this:

    soft .. if its a slow gentle kiss.

    if you keep it simple no tongues no excesive saliva its pretty nice I enjoy it a lot better this way.

    you just go with the flow, relax and for some reason its not hard at all.

    NEVER kiss a guy if you don't feel like it.. and if you think it might happen be prepared with fresh breath , fresh mints or gum...


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  • It feels really weird, but then it also feels good and sexy, if you're doing it with the right person.

  • Its just kinda soft.

  • Im 16 and I haven't kissed anyone so I assume it feels good.