Is there an age limit for your to be boyfriend or girlfriend?

So here's my story:

I'm a junior now, but this happened the summer before freshman year. So I was at tha park and this guy came up and asked me out. He was going to be a sixth grader, and although he was kinda good looking, I said no. He was..or is...four years younger than me. I mean I want to date someone not too young so we could be in the same school, and hangout together without looking like I'm either babysitting him, or looking like his my little brother. I do tell myself sometimes that if I was four years younger,or vice versa, I would have said yes. but unfortunately this is life and it's not that way.

so I was just wondering what your opinion was on my little =)

and do YOU have an age limit for your partner?


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  • If you ask me 4 years isn't that bad it just depends on how much two people like each other. I personally don't like to date younger guys. I preferably date guys 1-2 years older than me.

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