Dating multiple people?

I met a guy on a dating site. We talked on the phone for almost a week before meeting in person. We have gone out 3 times and everything is good. But since we were on a dating site, he also started talking to a couple other girls from there. He has not met any of them in person yet and says he really likes me and for me not to worry about them. I don't really like that he is talking and possibly dating other girls. I understand people see more than 1 person at a time, but how long does that usually last? I don't want him to still be dating multiple girls after like 6 months.


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  • yeah online daters would some times continue to have their profile online up. I dated a guy who did that and it sort of turned me off, but he just wanted to be friends with me so I guess I was OK with it. Anyways I think that the best thing is once he says he is committed relationship with you then you can tell him that he should stop looking for other girls because you are all he needs to have. good luck

  • I was in the same situation. I thought I really hit it off with this guy I'd met online, but he was still talking with other girls on the site, when I had completely stopped talking with guys on there. I come to find out that he had not only been talking with other girls, but he'd been seeing them and sleeping with them as well. So, until you two make things official, expect him to do be talking with, and even seeing other girls.

    I didn't have a right to be upset with this guy after he'd confessed to sleeping with numerous other women, even after our 4th amazing date -- but what can ya do? If you two aren't together, he's going to with multiple girls. Therefore, YOU should be out with other guys too! Clearly he's still shopping around for what he wants in a girlfriend, so until he finds it (hopefully he'll end his search soon and stick with you!), he's going to keep looking.