Matching with your ex on tinder?

So my ex and I met on tinder and it turned out to be a 7 month relationship. We have been broken up for a month. I decided to join tinder more out of boredom than actually dating. Well I stumbled across him and I hesitated and decided to swipe right (I do still have feelings for him). I figured he wouldn't match with me. So I moved on about my day. A few hrs later I got a message saying I had a match. And it was him! I was super shocked. We ended on not so great terms. I said hello to him and asked him how he was. We had the usual catch up conversation. I asked him why he swiped right... he replied I've always wanted to go out with you again. I've been thinking about it a lot lately.
I told him whenever he decides to, hit me up. He got more shy and didn't talk as much. He said he was happy that I'm doing great and that I've been working on me. And we just kept it nice and light and positive. Does he need more space before he asks me out again? Or other thoughts?
Matching with your ex on tinder?
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