Should I start leaving her on read?

So there's this girl that I met on tinder 2 months ago, we only went on one mediocre date, we had some chemistry but there was no kiss/little touching, and it felt like a chore settinf up the first date because she was so busy, she also told me she had a boyfriend and that I had to wait a week before she goes out with me since he would annoy her for the whole week that he would be in the city.

She also has the tendency to leave my messages on unopened after a little of texting back and forth (I didn't overtext her, I only texted her like twice a week tops).
After the first date I tried setting up the second date but she kept saying she was busy and left me on delivered again, so I gave up and left the ball in her court when she had to study in another city (her boyfriend's city) and told me when shed come to my city shed let me know.
This was all a month ago, fast forward to now I was having fun with my friends and posted a story of some vodka etc..
She hit me up and told me "when are we gonna hang out already" I told her when is she coming back to my city and she said tomorrow, I said "cool, lets hangout this Saturday then" and she left me on unopened message, this was 3 days ago...
So what should I do? Is this girl toying with me? Should I just ignore her messages from now on? A little help would be appreciated..
Should I start leaving her on read?
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