Am I the problem or are the guys?

My friend has been playing match maker and keeps trying to set me up with guys. I talked to both of them through text first and they said I was hot and that they liked me but I didn't like it because you can't really know someone without meeting them in person. I went over to the first guys house and he was really pushy. He stunk, held me way too tight and kept trying to kiss me even though I said I wasn't going to. Then I told him that I didn't like him. A few weeks later sheset me up with a new guy and he kept saying I was amazing and I was gorgeous. I was really upfront with him and we hung out. I did not find him attractive and everything he liked was opposite of what I liked. He always called me babe and Hun (I hate that) and I asked him to stop. He got pissed and hasn't talked to me since. Am I the problem? I don't want to be alone forever.


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  • Silly question, of course you're not the problem or are going to be alone forever

    I think that maybe you need to stop putting so much pressure on yourself when it comes to guys. You've only mentioned two stories here so try not to think of this as a never ending problem, it's just that you were a bit unlucky with these ones. It can sometimes take awhile for someone to find the right person and that usually comes when you aren't looking for it.

    I'm not one for being set up with guys so maybe you need to go out with your friends more and wait for something more spontaneous with a guy? he maybe offers to buy you a drink and you get chatting, take it from there?

    If you are still keen on being set up by your friend, don't text them beforehand. Rather set up a date (somewhere public instead of his house so that he won't be too pushy with you etc) and get to know him face to face. If you aren't interested you can say so and move onto the next guy.

    Overall, even if these guys weren't for you, they still found you attractive and were interested. Take that as a compliment and know that you are more than enough and will therefore be more than enough for somebody you'd like to be with!


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  • No I don't see how you did anything wrong here. You can't force yourself to like somebody. And don't ever feel bad for not settling for what you don't want.

    The first guy sounds like a pig and I can def see why you would turn him down.

    The second guy doesn't sound too bad... maybe a little desperate or clingy (I'd have to know more about the situation though). But if you guys don't have much in common and you're not attracted to him, then there's nothing wrong with that!

  • you are NOT the problem! I have been internet dating for a few months and have been out with three guys (am hoping the current one is the right one!). But two guys does not mean anything! your friend should choose more wisely when setting you up! :-)

  • You just haven't met the right guy yet. And those guys seemed way too pushy. Why don't you just randomly meet a person at a store or a shop on your own? Then start out by being friends instead of just pushing the relationship. good luck

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