Always calling, but never asking?

He calls me a few times a week and we talk. Usually he drop things like, "Oh we should go there...", "We should do this..." "So, that's where we're going to grab a drink?"

He's done this more than once on so many ocassions. I always say yes or that we should. The thing is he never makes set plans...busy or just flirting or just keeping me around? It's no secret he's attracted to me and wants to get to know me better. I'm just so confused.


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  • You gotta "woulda,shoulda,coulda" guy lol..I got one too! Its annoying as hell. We shoulda done this, we shoulda done that. We could have hung out tonite, etc. But never asks! Then when I ask him he's busy..and he wonders why our "relationship" hasn't gone anywhere, but he keeps on calling me. I don't get it either!

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