Is dating a friend a good idea? Tell me your stories please...

He's not a close friend, but we know each other for a year and a few months and we go out in a group sometimes.

I always saw him as a friend but last time we went out he kissed me on the club by the end of the night.

The day after he told it was just 'cause he thought we both were free and are not looking for a relationship and that he enjoyed it...but my friends told me that before that he acted jelous when I was talking to another friend of mine.

This is complicated because I wouldn't mind trying something with him but I'm afraid one of us falls in love and the other doesn't. And then it will never be the same..goinf out in a group, talking just like friends...

Tell me about your experiences w/friends please...


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  • Hey,

    What did you end up doing?


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