Would a girl date a short guy with hair?

would any girl be interested in dating a short guy...like about 150 cms...and having full body rug...black dark hairs all over...like to resemble he is wearing a black full sleeve sweater on top with black leggings lower.


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  • You know, it's really what's inside that matters.

    And by that, I don't mean what's inside the hair.

    A girl who really loves you will love you no matter your height or your volume of hair.

    • no girl "can" get herself to love such a guy...i know it...no matter how good the person is at heart...no one can get to know/love such a disgusting guy.

    • Don't look down upon yourself like that.

      That might be a big problem as well.

      Girls love guys with confidence. One who doesn't show himself with any just comes off as "another one".

      I mean, look at Jason Acuna. He's a freaking midget but he's boss as hell. And he definitely gets chicks.

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  • ok ew. bad combination right there

  • sorry my first reaction would be eek... I'm all for a little body hair but ALL OF THAT... I think that's a bit much...


    • ya that's too much I know..no need for sorry...i know what the harsh reality is about excess body rug...it sucks.

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