Does the friend zone exist?

I’ve been seeing feminists and some guys say “the friend zone doesn’t exist”. I think that is a convenient dismissive cop out someone would say because they either A have never been friend zoned and/or B enjoy the benefits of friendzoning people and don’t want any shame for it.

With that said both men and women have responsibility to not have romantic expectations when meeting someone they like. As a man I know most women are not going to like me romantically. That’s just a fact of life (true for some women too). But both genders behave differently when they are around someone they like. This is biological because certain hormones (testosterone, vasopressin, oxytocin) are being realized in our brains. We have a harder time being ourselves. This makes us overlook signals and red flags about the other person.

The other person usually knows very well the other person feels this way. Most of the time I knew when a girl had a crush on me. She would laugh at my jokes, give me an extra second of eye contact, make herself more present in my vicinity. Women in general have stronger intuition than men. They especially know when other guys like them. Not always but most of time.

While nobody is entitled to sex, people are entitled to RESPECT if they treat you well. If the person who is crushing on you does nice things for you, then you should be careful about how you treat them. Don’t play dumb and insult them by dropping shitty hints (talking about other people you like). Instead be tactfully honest with other person and let them know where you stand. Then the ball is in their court. It will sting and they won’t thank you. But they will be thankful. In that situation the friend zone does NOT exist. But playing dumb and stringing someone along is exactly what the friend zone is. And that definitely exists.

There is a difference.
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These poll percentages are what I expected except I can’t believe some guys are voting no. They are either brainwashed white knights or asexual.
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I wish people would just READ my perspective on this. It’s not about sex and getting butthurt when a woman says she’s not interested (early).

It’s about RESPECTING the other person and not leading them on for your own ends. It’s about doing the right thing, speaking up and letting them know where you stand.
Does the friend zone exist?
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