What would you do if you were my friend?

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You're a young female lawyer who just graduated law school. A lot of guys think you're beautiful and you were a cheerleader back in high school. You're really smart, but you went to a suck law school, so the only job you could get was as a "contract attorney" (basically a temp) reviewing documents.

Your boss is an associate at one of the big Manhattan law firms. He's really cute, he has a decent chance of making partner in a couple years and he REALLY likes you. He brings you flowers, takes you out for two hour champagne lunches at Delmonico's... you get the picture. You definitely like him, but you also still have feelings for your ex, who knocked somebody else up and might be marrying her but still has feels for you too. Unfortunately, your coworkers are starting to talk about you behind your back, implying that the only reason you're going out with this guy is to sleep your way to the top. What should you do?
Tell him you really like him and you love it when he surprises you with flowers and lunch out
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Tell him you really like him, but maybe you guys should chill a little while you're at work
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Tell him you do like him, but you still have feelings for your ex
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Tell him you do like him, but you can't go out with him while he's still your boss
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9 mo
I advised her to do option B and she did. He was totally cool with it. They haven’t had sex yet.
8 mo
She told me they finally did it Fri night!! She’s totally flying today, emotionally and physically.
What would you do if you were my friend?
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