Relationship and anxiety?

Hey ladies and gents, I have anxiety. Not relationship anxiety just anxiety but it is causing problems in my relationship and I really need some help.. my anxiety is over little things. For example last night my S/O and I went out to dinner with my family (not close aunts uncles and cousins) but the entire time I was zoned out because I was so focused on everything going wrong instead of being in the moment and enjoying the time with my family and being my normal goofy self. It ended up into a fight with me and my S/O. I’ve noticed a lot of our problems are caused by this (my anxiety) we don’t fight, we have a healthy relationship, and are beyond happy but my anxiety is putting a damn pet on everything to the point I even second guess if I should be with him and I know I went to be and I know I’m going to marry this man.. I just really need so tips or advice to help when I get in moods like that, the last thing I want to do is ruin a chance at a great relationship because my anxiety got the best of me.
Relationship and anxiety?
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