Been nothing but upfront....he won't go away

I decided to take a new approach to dating and date casually after getting hurt pretty bad in my last relationship. I am not looking for a boyfriend or settling down, but I figured if someone ask me to hangout and just get to know them I'd give it a shot. Bad idea. I went to dinner and to a mall with this guy that I have sort of known over the years, before we even went out I explained my situation and he said that he had no problem with it. He's driving me crazy! He want to basically get married after just hanging out here and there and I don't even want to "date" anyone. I have tried and tried to talk to him and make him understand after he said he loved me when we watched a movie on week two of knowing each other! I have resorted to avoidance because I'm not getting through to him. He is now trying to become bffs with my little sister and I am out of ideas. He polices my FB page and I'm starting to lose my cool. Anyone have any ideas on how to get him to leave me alone? I hate that that sounds so cold, but he's starting to creep me out some.


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  • Oh stalkers/clingy people when will they learn...

    I've had this problem... have you tried "STAY AWAY FROM ME. I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN" oh and delete him from your friends on Facebook so he can't police you anymore

    he'll get the message.. I have personal experience with this LOL

    not fun is it?

    Unless you still like him and I don't know how you could but just tell him "Let's just be friends for now" that'll stop him in his tracks.. might hurt him a little but now you can hang out with him without him telling you "I love you" or whatever he does

    • Yeah, I just don't think anything else will get through to him.I don't like being so harsh with people's feelings, but I can't continue with things the way are. I think I have by far the worst luck when it comes to relationships!

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