Is it too soon to ask her out?

She recently broke up with her ex (about 10 days ago). I met/fell in love with her that same day (I met her before they broke up and fell in love with her later when we were talking). I was planning on asking her out on Monday, 2 weeks after they broke up. Is that enough try for her to get over the break up or should I wait longer (she wasn't exactly sad about the break up, more angry)?


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  • If the break up has got any reaction from her, I think she must be still hurting. How long did she date the guy for?

    Maybe give it a week and see how things pan out.. if you think she may be into you.. for real.. not as a rebound then go for it.

    • I forgot to mention that I think she likes me too. I'm getting a lot of hints. What if that is part of it?

    • If she's giving you hints that she's into you for real and not as a rebound or to make the other guy jealous (or any other lame reason) then ask her out. But I suggest you wait a little bit. It shouldn't seem like you're jumping right in when she's single.

  • girls are angry when they are sad. yes it is way to soon, and I think you are the type of guy that you rush everything, I don't think it is possible to fall in love with a girl so fast, you can be infactuated with her maybe? I'd give it sometime...


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