First date, what should I do?!

well the thing is she's my classmate and extremely beautiful, I'm taking her out Because she want to look for this food she used to have back home,and we just know each other for a few days and I don't wanna mess this up I really like her and I wanna to do the right thing on this date so girls don't tell me what I should do just tell me what I shouldn't do


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  • What you shouldn't do is act like she's special. When you obviously bow to her and act like she's way above you, you send the message that you're not good enough for her, subconsciously at least. That's how women get bored with guys really fast (one of the ways). Don't act super respectful or anything you wouldn't do with any average girl you've gone out with.

    I'm kind of in the same position tonight - going out with someone I've known for three years that I've always wanted to be with. It's hard not to just tell her how great I think she is! But the truth is that turns them off. Women need a chase to make it interesting for them, they're very childish that way.

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