Do I date my step brother's ex girlfriend??

There are a lot of circumstances to this. I met her just after my step brother did and from the first time I saw her and we hung out I knew there was this instant connection with her, something about her just felt right ...hard to explain ( she hung out with a lot of the same people we both know )

After this I told him I wanted to make a move, he said so did he so I stepped aside for him (I had a girlfriend more recently than him seemed like a nice thing to do)

Even while she dated my step brother our eyes would catch and you could just tell there was something there ( I of course turned away fast thinking I was the one looking who shouldn't be when it turned out she kept catching herself looking into my eyes too feeling and thinking the same thing as me) We stayed up and talked til all hours.

and to shorten up this long story they broke up. he got another girlfriend who he tells me he's in love with they've been going out for a couple months. The other day she asked me to hang out and when I did she confessed how much she likes me and how she felt, even mentioned all the times mentioned above. WHAT TO DO?


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  • Why is this even a difficulty?There's nothing wrong with dating your brothers exes, its a foolish American taboo, and he's moved on with his life and very clearly wouldn't care. She wants to, you want to - your in!There's nooo down side! Well done, honestly. Most people don't have this impeccable luck.

    • I agree except he is choked about it.. he refuses to aknowledge me or her when he sees us whether we say hi or bye. Pretty much took it like I stabbed him in th back. I don't think I really did anythign wrong though.. BUT yes I do agree, besides that I feel like the luckiest guy in the world :)

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    • Its actually worked out amazing so far. I haven't let my step brother interfere but he's still trying, forbid me and such to date her. Basically I'm an evil person now to him. But its worth it for her, besides that everyone we know thinks we look amazing together. And your answer was the best, coudln't help but give it to you lol

    • Thats really awesome, well done =] He'll swing round I'm sure, he just needs to learn a little. Its probably an insecurity thing.

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  • no dude, bro code states that you don't date your friends/bros/whatever's ex-gf. its one of those things that will get you shunned by other guys. I'm sorry man, I've wanted to chase after my friends ex-gfs but don't do it. itll make your life hell

    • Even if it was clear both people were interested and I was nice enough to give him first chance?

    • well it makes things more complicated. is your step brother th jealous type? I just wouldn't do it