How do 17 year olds date?

I had a boyfriend for a long time. He was a grade older than me & we met by talking on facebook. We got REALLY close & I loved it. I could see myself spending tons of time with him. Well, we broke months ago. My fault but I'm not saying why. But now I really want to get that close to someone again but I don't even know what to say or do to a guy to get them to notice me. I'm shy (kind of) and I don't know how to say to the cute kid to the locker next to mine "Hey we should start talking" he'd think I'm so weird. So, ummmm wtf do I do? Lol


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  • Just strike up a conversation with him. It doesn't have to be something cheesy (so are you single/chat-up lines, etc) it could happen "by accident" or at least as part of a plan. There must be something he does that is worthy of talking about? Anything - hobbies, sports, that kind of thing.

    As for your initial question of how 17y/o's date, I'd say awkwardly at first, but with a far amount of fun.

    • I can't just strike up a conversation with him though lol We've been in the same grade since 6th grade, we're juniors now. We've had one class together & he sat right in front of me. The only times we have talked is when I said "I have a calculator in my purse if you want to use it..?" hhaha he was making up a test. & His locker is directly to the left of mine and sometimes I know I'm never in his way but I'll say "oh! I'm sorry!" in a flirty kinda way. How do I get him to *notice* me..

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    • Perfect.

    • I won't be fine. I just, I get nervous in certain situations. I'm a perfectly happy person, out going & friendly, I'm not afraid to be myself but when it comes to someone I've never really talked to & I think is cute its hard to talk. Just like I can't get up & do a speech in front of a classroom, I get the same nervousness.

  • Just wait until you find a nice guy who makes your heart beat fast, And then say hey to him and take it from there, But don't forget, You're still young, You don't have to have a boyfriend yet.

    • I know I don't have to have one, its just nice having a boyfriend+a best friend combination in a guy.

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    • So did I when I was seventeen. The thing is, if you don't do it, you'll be agonising over it for years. You;ll just be speaking to one person - compare it to speaking in front of an auditorium full of your classmates - doesn't it seem easier? You just have to take a deep breath, put all the "what if" questions out of your mind and go for it.

    • lol easier said than done

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