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She's not over her ex, but still wants to hang out?

Hey team,

So I was dating this girl for the past 2 months, and everything was going perfectly. We had good chemistry, got along great and everything that happened was reciprocal, ie we both initiated dates, affection in terms of kissing/cuddling/sex etc. If we didn't talk for a couple days, we would both equally re-initiate contact. If anything, I felt like she was initiating things slightly more, particularly with the affection stuff!

However yesterday, she sent me a message saying that she's come to realise she's still getting over an ex 'thing', and that even though i'm a great guy, she's not looking for anything new or romantic. However she said " I hope we can still hang out because you're really fun". This completely blindsided me, because as recent as 4 days ago she had asked me out on another date to the movies... so I asked if we could at least meet to have a proper chat about it, if anything just to gain clarity, and this is where the plot thickens..

So we met up and told me about how she was in a messy situation with her ex 'thing' that had finished a month prior to us seeing eachother. Basically the guy had found out through mutual friends that me, her, and her mates were going to the movies and was texting her demanding her to tell him the screening time so that he could come also. She said the whole situation with him was just messy and didn't want to drag me into it, hence why she said what she said to me..

Anway, I asked her what should happen with us moving forward, ie should we stop seeing eachother completely, and she said no and re-iterated that she still wants to continue hanging out with me.. My question is how should I play my cards here? I'm a pretty easy going guy, if the best approach was to keep hanging out with her and reign in all the 'couply' stuff, and let her figure out things in her own time, I could do that. I'm just wary of my heart being played with here, but i'd still definitely like to try.

Any advice is welcome, cheers.
She's not over her ex, but still wants to hang out?
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