How do you know if a guy is flirting?

okay so there's this guy that sent me messages on fb like complimenting me and calling me pretty...but he has a thing with my friend so I told her and she got mad at him and he got mad at me and it was very awk. then they made up and I said sorry to him because I guess I just read the signals wrong. now we are kind of messaging back and forth and kinda flirting but I don't know if its flirting Because he's still complimenting me and telling me to text him and like putting random winky faces ALL THE TIME.

and the thing is...i kind of like him.



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  • 1. You read the signals correctly and so did his Gfriend

    2. He was & is flirting

    3. You flirt back

    4. It's nobody's biz but yours - it's just flirting

    5. If confronted, you will make assurances that everything is under your control - it takes two to tango, after all!

    You'll get more & better responses if not posting as ANONYMOUS


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