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Will he give me a 3rd try?

So basically me and this guy decided that we were gonna start talking during the summer and we talked for like maybe a week and a half but he was like don't tell anyone and I kind of told my friend (which ofc im gonna tell.. she doesn't even go to school wit us anymore) and I also like was joking wit him and called him a fucboy and he said that he was gonna make it official but after that he wasn't so sure bc I said that, So yea after all that commotion he didn't really end it but he said we'll figure it out when we get back to school.

So 30 days later when school started (yes I did do no contact) I texted him and he said he missed me and he was too afraid to contact me cause he thought I was mad, and he wanted to start talking again, yea and then he said he wanted to meet up to like makeout but the day before we were supposed to meet up he like said he wanted to be wit his friends and like didn't wanna get physical. But I wasn't gonna let him get physical anyways so I was like can we jus talk and he was like but I really wanted to be wit my friends and then I kinda got mad and I was like you never text first or say gm or gn, and it always takes you long to respond and I was like do you really want this and he came up with reasons, or excuses like "I never have time to be with my friends" and "I don't check my dm's that much" Then he said to me "why would I wanna spend a whole period with you when you can't even say hi to me" bc the one time I saw him I didn't rlly say hi but that's bc he was wit his friends and he wanted to keep this private. So he got mad and the next day I checked in and was like "r we ok" and he was like "I don't really feel the same bc of the stuff that happened over the summer, we like always fight."

The one thing that is really getting me is, we weren't really together so me expecting him to do all the things a boyfriend would do while we were talking was kinda on me (its been exactly 30 days since the second incident) Should I try again?
Will he give me a 3rd try?
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