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Girlfriend's comments on my height?

since the start of our 19 month relationship, my girlfriend has made thinly veiled jibes about my height regularly; such as mentioning how tall a guy she kissed years ago was, how tall her friend's boyfriends are etc.

last night I was tired after a very long day of travelling and my girlfriend mentioned that we may double date with her friend and her friend's new date. right after saying that, she mentioned how tall her friend's date was for no reason at all. I responded via text saying that I was really sick of her making vague comments that are clearly related to my apparent lack of stature (i'm 5'8), and we got into a bit of a back and forth argument about it.

This morning, she had a meeting at university in which she received some bad news, so I put last night's argument to the side so that I could comfort her. Later on this evening, I made a sarcastic comment about our argument last night (as I am still pissed off over not receiving an apology), and she is now incredibly annoyed at the fact that I 'pretended to be okay' about our argument and what was said.

am I justified in thinking I'm in the right here?
Girlfriend's comments on my height?
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