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My boyfriend thought it was a good idea?

I went to detox for a week... and my boyfriend eas supposed to come with but he claims he just couldn't do it due to the staff not respecting his privacy concerns anywyas after 7 days being clean and telling him I'm getting out a day early, and I wouldn't be telling my parents or kids I was out a day early so I could spend private time with him alone without any interruptions... thinking he got the clue that I was making it a priority to have a night just for us before I went home because we wouldn't get much alone time because my kids obviously would miss me and I would be occupied with them... well when the time comes to pick me up... I look out the window in Hope's to see him sitting in his truck waiting for me but instead I see our mutual friend which is a chick and a dealer and also is his x-fling... I refused to leave , and told him today to her off... but later that week he left out 2 times going to help this girl whe he knew how upset I was that he even hung with her and she was there on my day... ughh men are so clueless
My boyfriend thought it was a good idea?
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