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If you catch them lying, is it right to call them out?

Been on four dates with this guy I met on inner circle and it’s been going really well and a serious connection. He told me he’s falling in love with me and loves me by third date... though I knew it was too early and didn’t take it seriously.

On our third date, he said he is going to stop looking at other girls and will delete the app. He deleted it the next day, which I was quite pleased. He has been hinting about being exclusive and refers me as a girlfriend, but nothing official.

However at the end of our 4th date, when I came back from the toilet, I saw he was texting someone and it looked like a dating app because of the yellow text bubbles and it looked like Bumble. He was still texting the person for another minute when I was standing in front of him. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to assume.

So I signed up to Bumble to check and found his profile immediately, so while he deleted the app I met him on, he still was active on Bumble. So I messaged him saying I’m out of the game and I can’t be with someone who texts another girl during my 4th date and can’t ignore knowing that fact when he said he wanted our relationship to work on our previous date.

He hasn’t responded yet, but do you think it was right for me to call him out like that? While we weren’t completely exclusive, it made me doubt on everything he said. I think he didn’t think I would catch him since he did delete the app I was on.
If you catch them lying, is it right to call them out?
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