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Why am I finding it so hard to just meet a decent guy?

Im just frustrated because I feel like im "doing everything right" and I still find dating quite difficult (mostly in the sense of im not able to meet anyone and get dates, but also in terms of getting more than just one date).

Even though I know finding someone is mostly based on luck (both need to physically and mentally at the same place type of thing), but Im getting frustrated that just meeting decent people/guys is basically a non-excisting part of my life.

I doing my masters, I have a part time job, I workout and eat healthy and take care of my body, Im social and I try to go to as many events as possible, Im on dating apps and i would say im a pretty easy person to talk to, for the most part anyway.

I just I feel like, as I have been direct and indirect been told, it shouldn't be that hard to just meet a decent guy (as in we have chemistry and like eachother). This feeling is just escalated after I found out both my younger sisters are pregnant; they have someone in their life that wants to raise a child with them. My older sisters just got in a serious relationship. I just dont know what to do, any advice?
Why am I finding it so hard to just meet a decent guy?
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