Why is this guy so inconsistent with texting?

I recently met a guy I was attracted to at a party and he talked to my friends and I. He was very laid back and did not seem like he only wanted sex. I got his number and we texted a little and he asked me to stop by his house and I told him I was already almost home. We live an hour apart and he said that was too far, so he stopped texting me-that was obvious he only wanted sex.

later, I decided to text him and he texted later saying he responded so late because he was at work, then he stopped texting again, so I told myself I wouldn't text him next. Then, a few days later he texted me at 10 pm and we chatted a little and then once again, he invited me to party sometime. After a bit I told him I was going out and that he could text me the next day and he said OK but he never did.

I'm just confused as to what he wants. If he only wanted sex wouldn't he find some girl who was way closer than an hour (he said tha was really far) and not bother texting me? Why is he so inconsistent? Ideas? Thanks!


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  • He's being inconsistent because he is only really after sex. There's a possibility I'm wrong, and that you could develop a closer relationship, but if he wanted to get to know you personally, he'd put more effort in. Or at least call you and have a chat.

    Don't get all hung up about it. It's hard not to take it personally, but don't wait around for him. Just remember you're fabulous and free, and he's being a non-committal d***. Don't let him play around with you hun =]