Am I overreacting? Boyfriend works night shifts and sleeps when we see each other?

I'm 17, still in high school and he's 18, graduated and working 6pm to 6am on Sunday nights to Friday mornings. He sleeps from around 10am to 5pm on the days he's working. He usually picks me up from school Friday afternoons and takes me to his house, but every time we see each other he falls asleep even though he promised me to take me to the mall, or apple picking, movies etc those days. We see each other one day a week basically and in November it will be down to maybe to once every couple of weeks as I work, do sports and school and I feel like he doesn't appericate the little time he has with me. He promises to take me out places, even apparently booked a nice dinner date but "forgot about it" and slept. I feel odd just sitting around at his house I know his parents love me, but I'm there from 1pm to 10pm, alone basically as he goes upstairs and sleeps. I'm there to see him not his parents... whenever I bring up the possibilities of doing things, he bitches that he can't do it but then complains that I never bring up things to do. I'm at the point of just telling him to call me to hang out when he wants to do something other than sleep 'cause I feel like I'm just a burden to his parents and I feel unhappy as our time is limited and we're not doing anything. I keep bringing it up and he says he'll book something for us to do, but it never happens. He's promised to take me apple picking for the past month but then says he doesn't want to go at all and we were supposed to go to Fright World last week but apparently couldn't take me because it was "too late" it was 7pm. I really don't know what to do... like I understand he works night shifts, has bad knees and shoulders, and doesn't have his own car he's using his step father's, but it's just like I ask for maybe a simple dinner at like Denny's or something to spend time with each other, or an hour dedicated to like a walk in the park, or whatever.
Am I overreacting? Boyfriend works night shifts and sleeps when we see each other?
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