I want to kiss him but I have a boyfriend?

Ok. Let just get straight to it.

I basically almost cheated on my boyfriend today. And the whole time leading up to it I felt really weird. Almost like I didn't care about him anymore. Which is odd, seeing as how we're still kinda in the honeymoon phase.

The other guy in question is my best friend. I've dated him twice, and is currently with my one of my best girlfriends. He made this joke about "oh this is like my Vegas haha" and I said "well if its vegas y not make somethin happen? ; )" and we were both kidding. Until all of a sudden we weren't. So long story short, we end up completely alone and were about to start what definitely would've ended up being a makeout session when I'm just like " As much as I want to, I don't think I could live with myself if I did." And he was like "whatever..." and then ended up with the rest of the group and hardly spoke for the rest of the event.

So now I'm kicking myself. Because I seriously do want to kiss him still. Which isn't good with all of the connections and such. And I know I'm just gonna try to not think about it but I know I will and I'm gonna do something stupid. So somebody give me a piece of sane advice. Please?


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  • Ok first off speaking from a fathers perspective, you are too young for this kind of stuff. Second I have to commend you on stopping yourself from breaking one of the most important rules of a relationship. Finally, this other friend that you almost cheated with is not worth your time. He is in a relationship himself and when you made the sane responsible choice he basically ignored you. He was about to cheat on his girl and got angry cause you decided to be responsible. A sane girl would not even give this guy a second thought.

    As for your current boyfriend, If you feel like you want to cheat on him and the fact that you think your moment of sanity was a mistake and you want to kiss this other guy, then it appears that you don't really care about him. If that's the case then I believe you shouldn't be with him. If you are with someone you should respect them. You did show that you subconsciously care for him by backing out of a bad situation. But consciously you wish you wouldn't have. So my advice to you is to stop and think about what you really want. Do you want the person you claim to care about or the guy who has no problem cheating on someone and would more likely cheat on you?

    • You have amazing points. But I'm just gonna stay with the boyfriend. Less complicated. Unless I tell him what happened. Which I really want to do for some reason... Good idea? Bad?

    • I believe in honesty, however in this case honesty could lead to a breakup. Like you said you didn't do anything, you stopped yourself. So subconsciously you do care about your boyfriend. So you are in a rut here and its going to be difficult to get out of. My advice is forget it ever happened. If you care about your boyfriend you will be able to forget.

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  • listen you have a drive right now and that's 'to kiss him' you have this drive because you wanted, like you said, and you didn't do it. until this "deed" if you will, is done your mostlikely going to keep kicking yourself. If your crazy about the boyfriend, it will be easy to forget. however, you have conections with this guy, besides him being your best friend. think it through, and if you can't fight it any more, I say you need to do what you gotta do, however the boyfriend needs to know, that way your on the same page. if you can't bring yourself to tell him, then I suggest you clear your head girl and try to walk straight. that's my opinion.

    best of luck.

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