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Where to meet women?

So as most guys know, for an average looking guy, online dating apps gets almost no results, and it's just a place to kill your confidence. I've tried dating apps, built out a nice, bio made sure to get decent pictures, even researched into the apps algorithm. Haven't had much luck at all.

I figure for an average looking guy, it's better to meet women out and about obviously. Now I've read countless recommendations online of places to go and the struggles I'm having with said options.

1. Bars: I'm a pretty introverted type of person. I dont really like bars, they're too crowded and too loud. I've found a couple more laid back beer gardens. But it seems like the only people that go there are in their 40s, not so much people around my age (28 ). I feel like bars being a hangout spot is a generational thing. The other problem is when i do go I feel weird being that creeper sitting by himself at the bar and if a woman around my age does happen to be there, she's likely with a group.
1b. Clubs as well, which i guess is what people my age typically go to but i hate clubs.

2. Hobbies: Unfortunately for me my hobbies are definitely more Male oriented. I'm into nerd stuff, trading cards, DnD, etc... I do actually go out a lot and interact with local groups of people for said hobbies but the man to woman ratio is really bad. I could find another meetup group or some other activities to meet people, but I dont want to fake something I dont enjoy because I'm really there for another purpose otherwise I feel like I'd be miserably disappointed.
2b. Church: similar to above I'm not going to fake something I'm not into. I tried going to a local church for a few weeks despite being Agnostic and I was just bored out of my mind.

3. Meet friends of friends: I've read that a lot of people actually end up meeting through friends. I mainly have just have a few, but very close friends, of course they are all guys. They're also into nerd hobbies, and dont really have female friends.
Where to meet women?
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