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Why was he so uninterested on our first date?

I downloaded tinder, I’ve never had a boyfriend except short flings so thought I’d give it a shot. Matched with the loveliest guy ever, so attractive physically and we text back and forth for a few weeks. He was keen to meet up, and we arranged to go out for a drink.

i was very nervous, I put a nice floaty dress on and not too much makeup. When I arrived, he didn’t give me a nice reception. He seemed really grumpy and the first conversation was awful. I relaxed a bit after a drink, asked him about his job, what he likes doing, had a bit of a joke but he was avoiding eye contact all the time! And he kept saying ‘fair enough’ to anything I said or had to add. I felt really embarrassed about it and I didn’t get a second date. I was friendly to him but he didn’t ask me many questions and made me feel uncomfortable.

im scared I’m ugly or have a rubbish personality, I was nervous but I powered through and was proud of myself, I didn’t say anything silly either.

the same thing happened last month, I was a bit low in mood due to something that happened at work but was asked on a date by a friend of a friend - I did seem quite nervous but I was friendly, but he also said he didn’t want to meet again, even though I was trying to make friends rather Than anything else.

im worried I’m just a loser and really unattractive, though I do get lots of smiles by men when I walk down the street , but why am I so undateable?
Why was he so uninterested on our first date?
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