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I get to know this guy he's 40 years old?

i get to know this guy on the dating site he's 40 years old and I'm 28 years old and he have 3 kids from his ex girlfriend and they are become a good friends because they have kids together, but he live alone and we was talking on the phone and video call hours and hours and get to know each other more and more and he said he want someone serious but in the same time he asked me weird questions like where do you live? what's your address? how far your brother live from you? how many rooms do you have at your house? and all kinds of creepy questions 😥 and i said why you ask me all of this? he say I'm trying to get to know you what no one ask you those questions before? i said no!! and this person was in the past in jail he was telling me he was a thief when he was younger and i knew he was in jail before he told me because i saw his tattoos on his hand like 4 dots that say between 4 walls, and he have 5 dots which is mean I don't give a fuck about the law... and he start from the early days to say he love me and he's from England and offered me to stay at his house when i will come to visit England and he will pick me up from the airport he said,
and on Sunday he said he can't talk to me all this week because of work which i think he lying to me but anyway he disappeared i still friends with him on fb tho but please can you tell me if do you think i should trust this guy or he's a bad news or what? I'm confused and I'm being naive because i really like him 😔 but i don't want to waste my time on the wrong person.
I get to know this guy he's 40 years old?
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