Should I text him back? I still love him but gave up along time ago?

I have been doing the n.c thing for about 1 month. we dated for three years and have been broken up for about 8 months .. he initiated the break up and I spend 7 out of those broken up months trying to get him back... he treated me like his door mat(because I stupidly allowed it) I decided to give up and I have resentment toward him for all those lonely and tearfull night and days.. I fell into this depresion I am bearly getting out of, I lost my job because I could focus. Now he is texting me he missed me and needs me and It hurts me when I receive those mesages .. because I still love him. I wanted to marry him and he would manipulate me saying and promosing that it will soon happen... I have had this temptation to text him back or call him but I'm just confused .. why is your best advice for me to do?


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  • personally from someone who has gone through this more than once with boys ( I refuse to call them men sorry)... DO NOT GIVE IN... yes he does miss you and care for.. but honestly think about it.. you tried and tried to contact him without any luck, unfortunately you lost your job and spent much time mourning the relationship. if he really wants u. it will be more than just words.. look at the actions and not trying to hold u... how he treats you and the people around him.. one of my exs whom I contacted after the breakup with no response back or kind words emailed me 4 mnths later after my birthday. why? because he was feeling the depression I felt when we initially broke up. he was so sad could not focus, he even told me he was having erectile issues.. lol. I was honest and told him he was feeling what I felt in the beginning.. but my mistake was I was still not over it. I was not rational and I let myself be used. it does not feel good. but sometimes its the only way you will learn. focus on bettering yourself for your next relationship.. if its him he will work for you like he did in the beginning..


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  • No one deserves to be treated like a door mat..he needs to respect you.. let him fret about it .its his loss and you deserve better. He obviously has issues.. sorry

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