Should I text her or not?

Background: Met a girl last Saturday (she initiated convo and strangely remembered me from a class we had 5 years ago). After a good conversationat the bar she told me to ask her for her number and I said "i was planning on it, but what's the rush". We hung out for most of the evening and made plans for monday. Had dinner on Monday and had a good night kiss. Saw her briefly at the ski hill the next day. we texted back and forth all week (she would intiate and so would I). she invited me to her place to watch a movie on Friday: We cuddled, though nothing crazy as she still lives with her parents, another good night kiss.

Tricky part: Made plans for Monday (she initiated a text everyday til then). But, she had to cancel because of school work (which I understand because it is really crunch time here). she called to apologize and seemed genuinely sorry. I told her I understand, which I did. We rescheduled for today, but the same thing happened. She was very apologetic again, and I was obviously not impressed. and told her, "i totally understand, but at the same time, I don't want to be that guy, just chasing you around when you're not interested..." and she said "no, its not like that all, I'd tell you if it was, its totally not like that" we rescheduled for thursday. after this, should I text her tomorrow to show that I don't care that she canceled and am not holding hard feelings, or if I wait for her to text me, will she get that idea?


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  • She might be truly busy. Yes, do not be that guy that chases her I wouldn't text her for a couple days and/or wait until she responds back. The idea of it is to get her to chase you. If she doesn't then she isn't worth your time anyways.

    • i get that, but the risk to me is she may realize I am doing that and be turned off by my game playing...

    • Hey man take it easy do not rush to escalate things like I said she could be busy with school, but that can only go so far. Otherwise other factors would be insecurities and trying to slow things down. Like come on you met her Friday and you want to try a second date by Monday isn't that fast. You should space out your dates to allow her to miss you that's how the game works. Yeah I say hell games, but in your situation that's the case. Other thing is she really worth it to you she did cancel twice

    • man, I met her the Saturday before last, like 10 days ago, we had 2 dates since then, the third would have been yesterday... I think that's normal? regardless, I understand there is no need to rush, I just don't want to look petty by not texting, but also do not want to come off as desperate by doing so