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I've known her for a while now. about 8 yrs. story goes she had a crush on me back in high school, but I was either too stoned or billigerent to see it ( not to mention she had a boyfriend at the time twice my size). so we pretty much stay friends all through high school till her last year (she's a year older than me), where on a school choir field trip. we're at Sea World, I start dancing with her and singing to Frank Sinatra's Fly Me to the Moon, I tip her and get a strong urge to kiss her, but dont. after that she acts astranged.

i ask her to prom later that year, she agree's then a week before the dance says she can't go. after this we kind of keep in touch sparringly, usually around birthdays or common events.

fast forward to two years ago, I move from Cali to Las Vegas, we start chatting again, mainly just catching up. she always promises to visit but never really does. finally I come back into town for a friends birthday and I invite her. she shows up, she stays pretty late and after a few drinks I pick her up and carry her to my friends room, however we leave it at friends... in the end I come back to california. I drunk dial/ text her a bit and figure that she's down to hook up, however she expects me to woo her into the sack. my defence, if its just sex and we know each other already, why go through that crap. anyhow we end up doing nothing. finally I decided to take a different approach. so now we've been going out, usually to the park, beach or somewhere secluded and just talk and enjoy eachothers company, however just when I'm ready to leave, she starts kissing me. but never letting it get farther. so I've gotten to really like her, as more than a fling, I've expressed my feelings but Haven't gotten anything in return. so now what do I do? I'm moving away for a summer job but when I return should I persue this or what?


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  • Start dating other girls. YESTERDAY!

    • yea I'm not the dating type. fyi, I live in VEGAS! no point to have a relationship.

    • Then what's your question?