How do I get him to kiss me?

I think he's also holding back since we're not in a relationship right now for personal reasons, even though we both know we will be not too long from now. Right now we're in the stage where we're talking every day, holding hands, hugging, etc...just not any kissing. Or hardly any at least. We've kissed twice, just barely, and both times he backed off saying he doesn't want to go too fast. I think it was because we had only met each other a couple months before that. However, I feel like I'm ready now. How do I let him know that though?


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  • Next time yous are having a friendly, one-on-one conversation, just kinda stop talking and stare straight into his eyes, if he stops talking and looks back at you, lean towards him, if he pulls away, then never mind for now, if he doesnt, just keep going :)


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  • Kiss him. Or, if not say, "i'd like to kiss you, can I?"

  • Well, the same thing was happening to me.

    Try to use subtle hints. Maybe by texting, or ever when you're talking to him.

    Lean into his shoulder at times. Flirt in a way that he sees that you're ready to be in a relationship.

    Give him space, maybe he doesn't want a girlfriend.

    I, personally don't want a boyfriend. It might sound weird, but many people are up for the 'friends with benefits' stage.

    Try to make him see how much you've become a part of his life.