Should I tell her I like her?

I met this girl a few weeks ago, and I thought we had been hitting it off pretty good. Both of us have a lot in common...Honestly it's been a long time since I've been able to act absolutely like myself around someone. Anytime we're alone, we're always joking around, laughing, and having fun. We're always with a group, but whenever all of us hanging out we tend to do our own thing from time to time. For some reason though, whenever I ask her to hang out she's always coming up with excuses... The other day I asked her if she was doing anything on Saturday, she said she wasn't sure if she had to do this dinner thing with her family or not. So I called her the next day and she made plans to go shopping with one of her friends. I haven't talked to her or told her how much I like yet, but I don't know if I should... It's been a long time since I've liked a girl this much, and I don't want to lose her...


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  • Yeah I agree with littlem... but all those excuses really do not sound like a good sign at all. Sounds like she is having a hard time telling you directly that she may not be into you like that because if you really want to hang out with someone, you make it happen. After having several opportunities to hang out, and not taking any of them outside of a group setting, it's not promising. Ahh I don't want to be a downer but that's what girls do sometimes is make up a million excuses thinking you'll "get the picture." Personally I'm a lot more direct than that but younger girls tend to do that a bit more I think.


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  • it seems like your rushing things and maybe that's throwing her off? Ur making yourself too available, too easy, too soon. back off a bit and slow it down. I'm sure she knows your into her, so let her come to you now. the balls in her court.

    • How long should I wait it out for? It's really hard considering I see her about once or twice a week.

  • Tell her!


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