Is she into me?

i go to school with this girl, we have one class together, I'm a senior she is a sophmore. We have been talking constantly through IM and at school. She thinks that I'm interested in another girl who goes to another school. She is constantly asking what I'm up to this weekend asking how things are going with this other girl and general conversation. We don't hang out outside of school, but that's because no real effort has been made on my part. Is she into me? If yes, how do I chose between her and the other girl?

it's kind of important and I'm surprised that I forgot to mention it, but the sophmore girl is the sister of one of my good friends, how should I deal with that?


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  • If you are the one who pursued her at first, then she could very well just think of you as a friend. She may just want to know what's up with you because you're cool to talk to. If you play you're cards right and make the right moves, then she could definitely like you in the future. She probably doesn't like like you right now, she probably hasn't thought about it. So, decide between the girls regardless of her feelings. Then go after who you want. If it is the sophomore, then mention that the other girl is history and then ask what she's doing this weekend. If she's like "UHHHHHHHH ummmmmm I AM BUSY!" then say "OK cool." and if she's like "Oh I'm going to this thing with friends. It's going to be so boring and I don't want to go!" then say "Sounds like you need an excuse to get out of it!" or if she says "Nothing that I know of, how about you?" Then ask her to hang out!


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  • weeeelllll I'd say yeah she's probably into you, and is checking out the compition. Its kinda worthless to like someone when you find out they'd rather be hanging out with some other chick. and as far as deciding. if you are that worried that she thinks you like another girl, then you maybe don't want to like that girl as much as her?

  • Yes I think she is into you


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