First date, what do you think?

I have met a guy in a London bar (Thu). We were both there with our work colleagues and are both 30 year old.

He asked a waiter to send me a glass of red wine, the same as I was drinking, which I thought was a nice icebreaker (we kept glancing at each other all evening).

He eventually asked for my number and whether I am free on Sat (I said I will check) and said he will text me. I said to call.

I have text him on Saturday afternoon asking how was the rest of the evening was? (did not mention anything else).

He got back to me straight away saying he was just thinking about me and am I free to meet up that Sat? I said no and Monday is better.

He sourced a nice venue and we went for a date on Monday.

The date went really well, at least from my perspective.

He was asking me lots of question about myself, in fact I hardly had a space to ask him questions about himself. We discussed subjects I don`t normally discuss until much later (marriage, previous dates, etc..)

The date lasted over two hours and there was some body contact, slight touch there and then.

After date he walked with me to the tube station and during our walk gently held my hand.

When we said bye, he kissed me on the cheek.

He said he will text and I said for him to call.

I had sent him a text Tuesday lunch, thanking him for fun date and haven`t yet heard back.

Additional facts:

He is a lawyer (therefore v busy) and he was due to fly on a one day business trip Tuesday afternoon/ back Wednesday night.

I am also worried that I said too much during a date?

I very much like him and would absolutely love to go on the second date, but don`t want to appear too keen.

What do you guys think? How long should I wait?

I called him and left a voicemail saying something like hope your trip went OK. I had a great time on Monday and would like to go out again. Give me a call and we can arrange something.

Got sick of waiting, I am not a passive person by nature.


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  • give him a week or 10 days even, without jumping to conclusions.

    we single guys are idiots and sometimes we make girls wait that long with good reason and sometimes without. there's unlikely a motive or ill intent so don't try to second-guess himself.

    if after 10 days he has not contacted you, send a neutral text about nothing, essentially reminding him about you.

    • 10 days? That`s a torture!

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  • Sounds like a very nice date. A real charmer this guy.

    But it sounds like you're initiating the contact when he says he will contact you. My advise? Stop contacting him. You don't want to seem like a Stage 5 clinger. Stand your ground and have him contact you, BUT don't wait around for his call/text.


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  • I think everything sounds good...sounds like a great start actually... the only thing that confuses me is that when he says he will text you, you instruct him to call..and then you text him. Just curious why you do that?

    • I sent the text number one because when I met him I might have been a little unfriendly. I am shy when I meet new people, which can come across as aloof (friends told me). So I wanted to say nice meeting you, I gave you my number because I really wanted too.

      Second text was to say thanks for drinks as in haste I forgot. It`s polite thing to do. There was also a little of vanity involved as I wanted to hear that he had good time also.

      I want him to call me for date as text is kind of impersonal.

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    • I see what you mean.. never thought of it that way (about txt). Anyway, he is abroad until late tonight, so I will give him until Saturday and then I will call.

      Thank you!

    • Not a problem! And good luck!

  • Go for it! He sounds like a good catch