I ask him to hang out and he gives me an excuse?

oftentimes he says "i'd like to but..." and then has some school excuse. he is legitimately in his busiest semester of college, but would he make more time for me if he actually liked me? we've hung out on numerous occasions still when he's not busy, but I'd say that's only about 1 out of every 3 times I ask... insight please :)


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  • Personally, I'd give him the benefit of the doubt. You mentioned that he has hung out with you before so to me that shows interest. I think if he wasn't interested at all then he wouldn't hang out with you, he'd cancel or just avoid you altogether. If he is a junior or senior in college, then I totally understand how he can be busy with classes. He has to prioritize what is important and such and it doesn't mean anything negative against you. One semester, I took 21 credits and was crazy busy. I had time for nothing! I would stay the course, cut him some slack and go with the flow. I'm sure when his schedule slows down, he will be more apt to hang out.