Does she expect me to call her?

We text message whenever we contact each other. Rather I'm the one that initiates the conversations 100% of the time, so I always text her. We've been on two dates, I've only called her twice, to chat a bit and set up the dates.

Girls: would you be okay with the way I'm doing things? I guess I will start calling her to "chat" more when we're officially a couple, but I figure as of right now were' still just dating, so I don't want to behave too much like a boyfriend.

Or would it be wise to call her every once in a while just to talk?

I was planning on starting to call her more when she started texting me first, or when we became a couple. Unless you fine people here on Girls ask Guys have better incite :)


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  • I think calling her once in a while to chat is fine, while gradually increasing contact. That's not just for boyfriends, that's for getting to know each other. She will probably feel more comfortable initiating contact once you are in a relationship, but I see no problem with starting to call her until that happens.

  • I say call her every once in a while but on a regulated schedule... Once she sees the schedule phone calls, you can tell if she's truly into you or not. My crush calls me everyday when he gets to work, and I have to say I look forward to 11 pm just so I can talk to him. I don't think calling her and becoming a better friend has anything to do with behaving like a boyfriend. If you like her then like her, don't hold back.

    If she's strong willed and has a strong sense of independence your going to have to get used to calling her and not the other way around... fyi


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