Does a girl that just gave up on a guy that she was in love with and ignored her, act like she's on the rebound?

OK, the question maybe strange, but , ill try to explain. This girl I tried to date, just ignored me. This was a long time ago. I stopped seeing her for a while and then we became casual acquaintances. I discovered later she was still in love with a guy who actually never paid her any attention. Yet she kept hoping he was going to change his mind. So I thought, well, maybe there was never any chance for me to begin with. So I kept my distance. I must say I'm in no hurry to get a girl and she is somebody very much like I'm looking for. So Its not like I was waiting for her, its just, that no other girl sparked my attention as she did. I found out through a mutual friend that she kinda finally gave up on that other guy. Honestly, I'm still not sure if its really the case but I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. I would still be interested to date her. But I get this feeling that it was almost like a relationship for her even if they never actually had anything serious, this guy looks like he was toying with her.

So, I don't really know how to deal with this. I just don't want to let the chance go. But also I don't want to just blast into her life again looking for something. I got the vibe that she does like me, she just wasn't willing to let the other guy go. But I wasn't going to stand there waiting for her :P.

She started wanting to go to parties a lot, and she used to not want to go out that much. So maybe that means something. Not sure what.

So what do you think? Does this work like a rebound period? Or is it just another dynamic. Should I start seeing her more often, or wait a little while? Does a girl


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  • This is tricky...

    How can you be in love with someone if she was never with xyz.

    She probaly isn't in the state of mind to start a serious relationship with you or anyone else. If she wants to party a lot that might say that she uses that excuse to try to get over xyz. Put her on the backburner until you know more info from your mutual friend and then make your decison.

    • mh, she is in the friendzone with this guy. She tried to pair up with him but he wasn't inerested. She hanged around as a friend to him and was hoping to someday turn around his decission. But looks like it didn't work out again.